The The way you use power has changed.

For more than 50 years, Tri-State has supplied energy to people in small towns and rural communities in the West. Today, we're continually working hard to find innovative means of providing the power you need. Like renewable energy from clean and green sources, investing in new technology, and improving energy efficiency. Our efforts mean you can count on the reliable, affordable electricity you've come to expect from Tri-State.

Touchstone Energy

Energy Efficiency
Tri-State and its members proactively support energy efficiency through a program offering cash incentives to consumers and businesses who install efficient technologies and pursue smart energy practices.
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Renewable Energy
Tri-State is committed to providing energy from clean and green sources. In partnership with First Solar, Tri-State is developing the nation's largest solar project serving electric cooperatives.
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New Technology
Tri-State understands it takes forward thinking to uncover new and diverse energy solutions. The electric industry has recognized Tri-State for its commitment to research and development initiatives.
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