Transmission planning

Transmission planning

Each year, Tri-State develops a 10-year transmission plan that assesses future transmission needs for Tri-State’s 43 member electric cooperatives. The transmission component of this plan is developed in conjunction with West Connect and the Colorado Coordinated Planning Group (CCPG), formal regional transmission planning organizations recognized by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).

As part of a new requirement of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (COPUC), called Rule 3627, Tri-State filed its 10-year transmission plan with the COPUC on February 1, 2014.

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PUC 3627 transmission projects

Updates and additions to the projects to be considered in the PUC 3627 2016 filing:


Filing Details PUC 3627

Details included in the filing for the Colorado PUC Rule 3627 on February 1, 2016:

10-year transmission plan 2016.pdf

10-year transmission plan 2016 amended.pdf

Appendix A - Colorado transmission maps 2016.pdf

Appendix B - Metro Denver transmission map 2016.pdf

Appendix C - Black Hills Energy transmission map 2016.pdf

Appendix D - Black Hills Energy projects 2016.pdf

Appendix E - Tri-State G&T projects 2016.pdf

Appendix F - Public Service Company of Colorado projects 2016.pdf

Appendix G - Colorado Springs Utilities projects 2016.pdf

Appendix H - OCC 3627 comments and responses 2016.pdf

Appendix I - CCPG stakeholder process for OCC comments to Pawnee - Daniels Park 345 kV project 2016.pdf

Appendix J - CCPG stakeholder process for comments to the CCPG San Luis Valley studies 2016.pdf

Appendix K - CCPG stakeholder process for OCC comments to the CCPG Northeast Colorado studies 2016.pdf

Appendix L - Stakeholder survey 2016.pdf


Reference documents

Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document

Attachment L-2016

Capacity Benefit Margin Implementation Document

Engineering Standards Bulletin

Electric Resource Plan Annual Progress Report

Burlington-Lamar 345/230 kV Impact and 2013 Post TPL Assessment Study

Load Forecast Descriptive Statement

CCPG San Luis Valley Subcommittee Phase I Transmission Study

Transmission Reliability Margin Implementation Document

Western Colorado Transmission Study Report

20-year conceptual scenario report


Past filings

COPUC 3627 transmission projects and reference documents - 2016 filing

COPUC 3627 transmission projects - 2014 filing